Welcome to the website of the association "Refugees Online e.V."!

The association was founded in December 2014 as a private initiative with the aim of providing WLAN internet access in refugee camps. What sounds trivial is often a challenge: a network infrastructure in a refugee camp is as complex as a company network of a medium-sized company. And the structural conditions are often anything but simple: converted industrial buildings, former barracks and residential containers are the rule rather than the exception.

For refugees, the internet is often the only way to keep in touch with their families and to get access to information. And in refugee camps, individual internet access is technically not feasible and usually not permitted by the operator. Mobile internet is a much-used solution, but not suitable for homeschooling and digital participation.

We went „online“ with our first project in the refugee reception unit at the Fliegerhorst in Fürstenfeldbruck in February 2015 and have now managed around 300 projects since the association was founded. Over the course of the years, we have built up sound technical know-how that we gladly like to pass on.

In 2021, the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior reacted to the increased digitalisation pressure due to the Corona pandemic and the camp administrations now have the financial means to provide the required WLAN infrastructure. We are then the operator in many of these "state-furnished" camps and take care of the Wi-Fi hotspot system.

Our work for the refugees is free, but by no means for nothing. People pay a small fee for using the internet, but this is currently not enough to cover all our costs (personnel and material costs, internet access costs, hardware costs, accounting costs, vehicle costs). Thus, we are dependent on your donations.

The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation and we will gladly issue a donation receipt for donations above 200 Euros. For amounts below 200 euros, the bank transfer receipt is sufficient.
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