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The association has been founded by people who care about the destiny of refugees in Germany. These people have decided to actively help the association by fundraising, collecting donated devices and supporting its activities by providing training courses to refugees.

Thank you very much for your help!

We believe that access to the Internet is essential for refugees to stay in touch with their families and get access to online information. It helps to cope with the situation being away from their home countries and their families.

Please allow us to introduce your contact persons:

Volker Werbus
Volker Werbus

Volker Werbus is an engineer (Communication Engineering) and currently he assumes the position of the Managing Director at Green Digit GmbH, a company providing engineering services in the field of Embedded Software. The company is located in Gilching, close to Munich.

Volker was Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a commercial WiFi provider between 2003 and 2005 and thus he gained a lot of experience in the area of providing Internet access.
Helga Werbus

Helga Werbus was working in the food retailing industry before the two kids were born. She is supporting her husband in the charity association.