Who we are

Our association is made up of people who care about the destiny of refugees in Germany. These people have decided to help on a voluntary basis and support the association through their cooperation, donations of money or goods.

Since new locations are still being added every month and we have long since reached the limits of what can be done on a voluntary basis, we decided in 2021 to support the work of the association with permanent staff and currently employ people in the areas of support, operations and administration. We are especially happy about the support of Caritas, which actively supports us with a project coordinator.

We would like to introduce the chairpersons of the association here:

Volker Werbus
Volker Werbus, 1. Chairperson

Mr. Werbus is an electrical engineer and managing partner of Green Digit GmbH, an engineering service provider for embedded software development in Gilching near Munich.

He was Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a commercial WiFi provider between 2003 and 2005 and gained a lot of experience in the area of providing Internet access.
Helga Werbus

Helga Werbus was working in the food retailing industry before the two kids were born. She is supporting her husband in the charity association.

Contact information: Phone: 08105 / 39989-61 (on working days 9-12h and 13-15h)

E-Mail: General inquiries: info (at) refugees-online.de
Technical support: support (at) refugees-online.de
Webshop: shop (at) buy-your-wifi-voucher.de

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