What we do

The association has set itself the goal of providing internet access in refugee camps. In the beginning, we also set up computer rooms in various camps and offered training courses. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic has made this part of the work very difficult or even impossible.
Training room in Fuerstenfeldbruck
In the first years of operation, a typical project process looked as follows: We evaluated the structural conditions, designed a technical solution and collected donations to finance the project. We developed an individual concept and approached the administration to obtain permission to implement the WiFi network.

Implementation took place by volunteers from the association and various groups of helpers. We installed a network, put the internet access into operation and provided and maintained the hotspot system. Due to the mostly difficult structural conditions, we often had to use different technologies: Point-to-Point radio, powerline, "flying" cabling across the facades and WLAN bridges.

The WLAN vouchers needed for Internet access were issued by helpers on site. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, politicians recognised the need to improve internet access for refugees and the administrations now provide the necessary network infrastructure upon request. Since vouchers can no longer be issued locally due to Corona, we have set up an online system. Here, the refugees get the corresponding credit cards in the supermarket and can use them to get the WLAN vouchers in our online shop www.buy-your-wifi-voucher.de on their own.

Since 2021, the focus of our work has changed: We continue to operate and maintain the networks we set up at around 160 locations. At the 30 or so new locations that have been added since 2021, where the infrastructure is provided by the administration, we provide the internet access and the WLAN hotspot system. So we are something like a WLAN operator there. We work closely with the administrations and the contracted installation companies to find and implement suitable technical solutions.
New locations are still being added every month and the maintenance of the existing networks is also very time-consuming. This is no longer feasible on a voluntary basis, which is why we have employed permanent staff for support, technology and administration since mid-2021.

Based on our experience since 2015, we have developed some technical recommendations for WLAN networks in refugee camps, which we are happy to pass on. Please use our contact form for this purpose.

We would also be happy to send you our annual reports.