What we do

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We intend to provide computers and free Internet access in refugee accommodation facilities. In line with demand, we also provide training courses for the refugees about the usage of computers, smartphones and the Internet.

As our first project for 2015, we chose the refugee reception unit at the Fliegerhorst in Fuerstenfeldbruck. We set up a computer room and are offering courses there on subjects such as usage of computers and internet, tablets, smartphones etc. Our purpose here is to convey basic knowledge about these things, which should help refugees to use these technologies accordingly to their full potential. We do not follow a strict curriculum here, because in reception units like this, residents change constantly and each course, the previous knowledge of our students differs. As far as possible, we motivate qualified refugees to become a trainer. That way, we can sometimes offer courses in other languages than just in English.

Training room in Fuerstenfeldbruck
Inside the previous casern, we built up a substantial wireless-LAN infrastructure, so the 1.600 residents have internet access on many central locations of the facility.

Our second project, a community home in Germering, started in May 2015. At this time there were around 100 refugees at this facility, now the number has grown to 300. The internet access has been up and running since the end of May and, together with AsylPlus, we set up a computer room with a few desktop computers. The access here – as well as in Fuerstenfeldbruck – is managed through a professional wireless-LAN hotspot system.
Computer room in Germering
By now, we are actively working in around 160 facilities and each week, new projects are coming in. We always work jointly with the helpers associations on-site, who handle installation and organization, whereas we are responsible for provision and configuration of the wirless-LAN hotspot systems.

We have worked out several technical recommendations that we would like to pass on. Please use our contact form for this purpose.

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